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Network Rail Assistance

When crossing Network Rail land with new pipelines, a trenchless crossing is often the only accepted method by Network Rail, with Directional Drilling being the most common by far. With these crossings there are numerous calculations, forms and proposals which Network Rail require. These can seem daunting and extensive to a client that has not delved into this area before but this is where we at SW Directional Drilling come in.

We can handle all the design and engineering aspects required by NR to complete their paperwork and have it run seamlessly as possible, limiting unnecessary delays and costs. Our extensive experience in this are makes us unrivalled in this sector.

Below you will find a list of the services we can offer

If you require any info on previous projects or assistance with the above please contact us.

All SWDD staff are PTS and SPT trained and have all worked on numerous Network Rail crossings in the past, Be it for conventional rail, underground or private rail systems.