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Fibre Optic Installations

Fibre Optic installations we can provide

Using our varying methods and with our wealth of experience at SW Directional Drilling we can install Fibre Optic Ducting to meet any clients needs. With our great expertise in this sector (over 500 installations) and through working on some major contracts over the years for major high bandwidth suppliers, we can meet any data supply demand.

With the UK going through a massive data network and 100's of thousands of meters of cabling needing to be installed it's no surprise we have worked on many major projects in this field. Installations have ranged from 2,000m of 110mm through the centre streets of York (much of which is protected from excavation) to 20m road crossings of single 110mm ducts.

Below you will find a small list of some of the recent installations we have carried out

Job Details
Over 100 installations with meterage totaling more than 4,000m through various installations throughout the North East of England.
AUS/ Fujitsu
North East

240m x 1 way x 110mm A19 Crossing to complete a major Fibre Optic Ring Network in Seaham. Work was completed inside 2 nights.

AUS/ Fujitsu
2,000m of 1 way x 110mm through the centre streets of York including drilling past the protected area of Clifford's Tower and navigating safely through a vast array of buried utilities. This installation was completed inside 4 weeks.
AUS/ Fujitsu/ H20
4 way x 110mm x 80m A64 Crossing for Caonach/ Fujitsu/ H20/ BT. This installation was complete inside 1 day.
Caonach/ Fujitsu/ H20/ BT
Over 50 installations of up to 200m each across Tramways, Motorways, Dual Carriageways etc. Works throughout the whole Yorkshire Area as part of a major Fibre optic upgrade.
North Midland Construction/ Thales
Over 100 installations with meterage totaling more than 5,000m through various locations throughout the Yorkshire area. Crossings included Rivers, Rails, Roads and Ditches among many other things.

AUS/ Fujitsu/ H20