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Directional Drilling

drillWhat we can achieve with Directional Drilling

We at SW Directional Drilling are one of the market leaders within the UK Directional Drilling industry. With this method pipelines of almost any material, with diameters of up to 1000mm and lengths to 1000m can be installed in one single operation. Directional Drilling prevents the need for costly and inefficient trenching methods which is are harmful to the environment and create massive amounts of waste materials. As with most trenching operations the impact on local surroundings can be massive and extremely unpleasing on the eye whilst also bringing very high installation costs. We aim to reduce those costs to you enabling your operations to become more feasible.

Typical examples of the types of task we can achieve for all utility and drainage pipelines

Almost anything is achievable with this method even if you think it may not be possible, we can provide you with a solution to your problem.


The beginning of the process starts with receiving hole and entrance pits. These pits will allow the drilling fluid to be collected and reclaimed to reduce costs and prevent waste. The first stage drills a pilot hole on the designed path, and the second stage enlarges the hole by passing a larger cutting tool known as the back reamer. The reamer's diameter depends on the size of the pipe. The driller increases the diameter according to the material being cut and creates for optimal production. The third stage places the product or casing pipe in the enlarged hole by way of the drill steel and is pulled behind the reamer to allow centering of the pipe in the newly reamed path.