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Case Study 5

Mid November SW Directional Drilling were contacted to provide trenchless solutions for the installation of two 33kV circuits and associated Fibre Optic ducting at 7 separate sites in the Chessington area. The works were part of a wider scheme to supply a new Digital Reality Data Centre and ducts installed were: 2 x 250mm, 2 x 125mm and associated 4 way F/O sub ducting for the 125mm ducts, with the works split over June, July and August. The Two installations at each of the 7 sites were complete within just 25 working days, with shots of 230m, 170m, 150m, 150m, 140m, 130m and 70m. The crossings included: Major Roads, rivers, culverts, wooded areas, sites of scientific interest, high pressure gas and fuel pipelines (numerous times) and various other obstacles. With varying ground conditions from London Clay to Ballast providing a varying challenge the installations were completed succesfully and well within the estimated timescales given.